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About the business

Elite Microblading LLC, was founded at the beginning of 2018. in Shelby Twp, Mi and is here to serve the entire Metro Detroit area. Since opening its doors, Elite Microblading is been growing, thanks to our amazing clients we see  every day, We started our journey with the desire  to offer a more permanent  solution to clients with misshaped, over plucked, or non existent eyebrows. We do that by designing the most natural  eyebrows for our clients, paying close attention to their wishes, analyzing facial features, color and symmetry of the eyebrows. To ensure sanitation and the safety of our clients, Elite Microblading aliens  with all the  requirements imposed by Macomb County Health Department and the State of MIchigan.. We use only disposable, pre-sterilized tools, The pigments we use do not contain any traces of heavy metals, and are vegan and cruelty-free. At Elite Microblading we believe that everyone is unique and our mission is to enhance one's natural beauty while focusing on their well being.

About the Business

Meet the artist

Andreea Iakab, is the  owner and technician at  Elite Microblading. She is a wife and a happy mother of two beautiful girls, which gives her the strive and the motivation for everything she does. Andreea has a bachelor's degree in science and she worked in the beauty industry for the past six years as an esthetician . She loves working with people. and gets her joy by taking care of the people around her, starting with her family members and continuing with her clients.

Working as an esthetician, Andreea was able to see what impact has a well done treatment on her clients. That's what led her to microblading, which is a treatment with immediate, visible and long-lasting results. The moment she saw the beautiful results this treatment offers, she knew she had to learn more about it, especially because she had done too, her fair share of over plucking. 

This is Andreea Iakab, the microblading artist behind Elite Microblading.

Andreea began researching for a course that would offer complete training, guidance, and support, well aware that a three-day course, would not teach her the skill of creating or reshaping eyebrows. She followed a rigorous training program, offered by the best and most challenging microblading academy in the world: Phibrows Academy and after 6 months of training she got certified in the art of microblading.

Andreea started her business with an avid desire for knowledge and she continues to improve her skill with additional training in the field of micropigmentation.

Based on high standard education and using quality products she will produce very precise strokes, symmetry, and a beautiful eyebrow shape. 

Meet the artist
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